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Project process

We translate ideas to flexible and scalable production processes.

High Quality

Pushing quality with custom software and excellent technical knowledge.

Mass Production

Expert in consistent industrial scale full-color production.


Custom solutions for designing, printing, post processing, packing, and shipping.

We’ll introduce you to the

We are your partner making your product ideas come to life with full-color 3D printing. The highest level of color precision and detail in the world of 3D printing is our standard!

We exclusively use the very best 3D printers and pre-/post-process all your parts in-house. All of our machines are used by highly skilled operators. We can offer you services in every step of the way with our experts in modelling, 3D printing, color transferring, pre- and post-processing.

Marketiger offers you a strict personal approach. This way we can offer all our clients a flexible, scalable & consistent 3D print service. We design a perfect-fit production process based on models and quantity to offer the best quality at the fairest price. 

Are you ready for the next level in 3D printing?

Improve your existing production process!
Maketiger full-color 3D printing solutions is an excellent improvement  and well developed replacement for existing full-color sandstone Figurine productions. While increasing quality, lifetime and lead times we’re able to decrease costs within the whole process. Collaborating with experts from the field such as Scanologics; we offer you a fully integrated scan & print solution. 

Marketiger has extensive experience in implementing Mimaki full-color 3D printing technology in an existing production process. No more rejection of detailed models, broken models, degrading colors and long lead-times. Doors will open for your company with details up to 0.019mm, improved colouring, improved durability, waterproofness, transparency, UV protection and a streamlined process.

Our integration solution
In collaboration with Scanologics we offer full-body 3D scan users a fully integrated service including 3D editing, color calibration & automated production/management systems for 3D printed figurines. By integrating model preparation, production & shipping we’re able to decrease costs while increasing sales! A process will be designed for your companies needs such as packaging; finishing and shipment options. Connection to the Scanologics platform shall be enrolled in September 2019 for all body 3D scan users. Get in touch with us and be one of the first to connect to Marketiger & Scanologics!
Photorealistic full color 3D printing
The Marketiger standard is the highest quality of full color 3D printing in the world! By combining knowledge of product development and the technology of Mimaki full-color 3D printing, we’re able to get your idea’s to life!

Your products start life as a concept or 3D model. Unfortunately not every 3D model is instantly suitably for full-color 3D printing. We can take your concept all the way from your mind, to a printable full-color 3D model. Marketiger suits your needs in flexible model design, as well as only editing your files to be 3D printed. As soon as your files are ready to print, we position & plan them in one of our machines. We call this our pre-process.

Marketiger works with innovative partners to offer highest levels of detail. With different print and post-processing solutions we’re always able to design a production process which will create the best possible outcome of 3D models. Whether it’s detail, surface finish, color calibration or strength; our engineers control the output model to 

Industrial scale production combined with one-off custom projects. A custom process for your projects!
For full-color 3D printing we use our Mimaki 3DUJ-553. This new technology has a lot of similarities to regular 2D printing. By jetting CMYK into a 3D printed Full-Color Plastic material we are able to reach over 10.000.000 colors. The possibilities are endless and the output is a guaranteed fabulous result.

Once your models are printed, they’re safely cleaned by ultrasonic sound and flow of water. The parts are cleaned and inspected manually to guarantee a perfect finish consistently. 

After the production stage there are several possibilities regarding post-processing. For example; it’s possible to polish or coat your models to make them even more protected for all sorts of external influences such as UV, water or even fire. With coating it’s even possible to choose surface finish between glossy or matte.

Marketiger specialises in creative concepting in all of the several stages a concept can be in. By intensive  but flexible collaboration we  raise bars for our customers. Our track record of designing and producing merchandise or gift concepts is one of a kind and surprises customers every time. Wether it’s used for commercial profit, or adding more value to your services? Let Marketiger inspire you!



We extremely value high quality combined with a personal approach in our services. We take action in designing the perfect workflow for your product. By working with experts from several disciplines we’re able to provide you with everything you need to get your full-color concept off the ground! Collaborations with Marketiger always include a reliable & flexible partner for all of your productions & concepts. We tend to take action immediately to be able to surprise our customers.

3D modelling

From a full model design with digital visuals to just preparing your files for full-color 3D printing


A flexibile and large producion capacity using the newest technologies available

Post Processing

Wether it’s sanding & polishing, or just a regular coating. We provide every step of the way.

Pack & ship

All over the world, with or without customized and protecting packaging. Always traced & secure.
We’ll introduce you to the

Join us in the factory of the future!


At the Brainport Industries Campus companies and institutes unite to offer a complete supply chain. All companies share knowledge on product development and work together in research and development projects.

In collaboration with Marketiger, AM-Flow and Additive Center a start was made to the Additive Innovation Centre where companies or institutes have a one-stop-shop solution on all stages of additive manufacturing. Visitors are offered a one-of-a-kind experience with several innovative and state of the art technologies shown in a practical production environment.

We always try to get a great picture of our products for our portfolio, but a picture can never tell the complete story behind a product. You’re always welcome to visit our office to see our live showcase in Eindhoven.

High Detailed Models

Scale models of houses, machinery & construction including textures & details till 0.05mm.

Creative Concepts

From idea to product with 3D printing. We concept, prototype & produce your custom products in all quantities.


We print thousands of figurines per year in all sizes; all with the same high consistent Marketiger quality.

Area Models

We 3D scan & print areas of maximum 1KM2 with very high detail in custom sizes or scales.

TEL: +31 6 55 62 32 69
Brainport Industries Campus 1
5657BX, Eindhoven
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